Welcome from the Director

Welcome to The Governor's School @ Innovation Park. The purpose of our program is to educate students in the related fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in order to prepare them to contribute to the global community of the 21st century. The vision shared by our faculty and participating school divisions is to allow students to encounter a range of opportunities encouraging intellectual and academic excellence

The instructional design of the program integrates strands in biology, chemistry, and physics with mathematics, with concepts of engineering and technology, and with laboratory research. Learning experiences will focus on real-world research with mentorship opportunities in business, industry, government, and university settings.

Experiences provided for our learners will help them to identify personal goals and pursue challenges in a supportive and trusting environment. Investigative decisions will be made conscientiously by students engaging in authentic data analysis, fostered by a supportive community which is focused on learning and teaching.

Throughout the academic year, students will learn the importance of collaboration, open-mindedness, commitment to quality, positive attitude, and respectful collaboration in an inquiry-based scientific setting. As our highly qualified faculty and dedicated students from three school divisions unite in a regional school housed in a university setting, a unique learning opportunity is created that others will strive to follow.

As our students under go their educational endeavors at The Governor's School, the success of our program and each individual student is driven by hard work, determination, exploration, collaboration, and commonality in interests and goals. If everyone involved commits to creating a standard of excellence and quality in our program, we are empowered to make our learning and teaching community an effective and enjoyable one.

Dr. Jason Calhoun