Summer Assignments

Below are links to Summer 2023 GS@IP summer assignments. They will be available July 1, 2023.

Students should complete the assignment for the math and science course that you will be taking in the fall.

Pay close attention to details regarding due dates and if/when/how the assignment should be submitted. If you have questions, please email the faculty member.

Note that our faculty members may not get right back to you since they too are on summer break. If you need immediate assistance, call our office at 703-993-7027 or email Dr. Calhoun at [email protected] or [email protected].

These assignments are not mandatory but are strongly suggested. 

Incoming new students will also recieve an ALEKS course code and login for mathematics remediation/support. This will be monitored and participation/completion used in academic conferences.  

All Students will receive in August an ALEKS statistics course code and login (if needed). 

They are due by August 23, 2023. They are not accepted late. 

Summer Assignments for Students

Updated July 1, 2023

Math Instructions for all Summer Assignments


Complete Biology or Chemistry or Engineering or Physics; & Complete Pre-Calculus or Calculus.  (Engineering students complete both Engineering and the Univ. Physics Engineering assignments.) 




Complete Biology or Chemistry or Engineering or Physics; & Complete Calculus I Part B or Calculus III